switching to english?

per italiani pigri – for lazy italians (too funny!! i cannot understand the words i wrote when machine-translated into italian :-))

when i opened this blog, it was intended as space to put some updated information about my life here for my friends, instead of describing several times the same things to several people.
when i came back to italy after a 3-month experience in london, it was extremely funny to describe everything to my parents.

then i did it again to my brother, i had to repeat ev’rything to that friend, then to another, uncle, aunt, cousins, unknown people…
everybody was wishing to know how it was my life in london, and i was starting to hate evr’ybody!
then, since i’m going to have a similar experience in u.s., i thought: what about a blog? write once, read many 🙂

ok, that’s why i decided that this blog had should exist.
but sometimes a choice you took implies you have to take other decisions.
e.g.: where to put it? of course not in the micro$oft space, since m$ explorer is mandatory in order to update the blog (and sometimes also to see the blog in the proper way), and each of my friends needs an msn account to write a comment. why that?
why making life of readers (and mine as writer) a hell?
ok, let’s be shorter: i chose wordpress.

then, which language? again, i care my friends (this blog is intended for them), and almost 100% are italian, so… i chose the language.

to be honest, i would prefer to write posts in english, because italians could try to understand english (although i suspect my friends are quite lazy, and they would skip) and none of my non-italian friends can understand italian. furthermore, it would be a good exercise for me (and a challenge for people to understand my horrible english!)

this post is dedicated to a non-italian speaking friend that lives closer to me than all of the people i used to go out with.

i don’t really know you, but the things you posted are quite surprising and amuzing for me. one has been the “application form”: genial! i mean, i’ve had to fill in too many forms in my life, but once in my life it was exactly the form i was wishing to fill in (thank you for that!) 🙂
but it’s just one the thing; there are other 100 things that make me love your blog.
i’ve never broken a bone too… i know we’re not the only two persons on the earth with this “property”, but it was surprising to find it in the list. my friends are quite superstitious, they would never remember that. i do.

i found several other things in common: of course why among w’s! kids always ask “why? why this? why that?” (i suppose it’s the same for american kids too). probably i’ve never been growning up.

our opinions seem to be extremely similar too. but i don’t want to write about that, too much serious matter. i want to write about bubbles! every day, when i do my 10-minute walk to office in italy, i always stop at the bubble machine in the middle of the path, hanged on the wall outside the toy shop for kids.
it’s a bear cub that moves a wand with suds and seems to blow, making a lot of real bubbles. it stops me thinking and makes me so happy!
I’m romantic too, maybe that’s why up to now my favourite city is venice.

this post seems to be the only one in this blog which talks about me deeper than “yesterday i’ve done this, today that” but i don’t really use to talk about my feelings, expecially here, in this non-anonymous-enough blog.

i think you probably have enough stuff to write a comment if you wish to.

thank you for reading (sorry but i plan to turn back to italian, and to capital letters too!)


  • Sparrow del Jack – a cached version of the funny italian machine-translation of this post and…
  • Sparrow of The Jack – a cached version of the funny italian machine-translation of this post machine-traslated back to english!!! I have no words.

3 Responses to “switching to english?”

  1. Pagugoso Says:

    Hi hi hi, I’ve understood it all, therefore your english must to be fake!!! 🙂

  2. elena Says:

    oh my gosh, i feel like such a jerk. i switched to a program that lets me write my entries without logging into the wordpress website. i just saw your comment. you must have thought me so rude to just leave you hanging like that.

    anyway, hi. what a lovely post. if i had attemped to write in español (my second laguage)… well, let’s not imagine it. i’m glad you take pleasure in reading my blog… perhaps it will inspire you to be more creative with your italian entries?

    also, bubbles…. yay!!!



  3. sebastian Says:

    johny depp esa pelicula fue la meor me encantaria que mi vida fuera como esa pelicula y ser jack sparrow no es posible eso pero es mi sueo te tengo una pregunta podrias venir a chile?

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